Senior Software Developer
C# / .NET / ASP.NET Resume

Oleksandr Kocherha
Milan, Italy
Phone Number: Available Upon Request
CV in italiano Bandiera Italiana.
Українська версія Український Прапор.
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  Position as a Senior Programmer, Analyst, or Web Developer / Team Leader
Operating Systems
  Proficient in Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Server 2008 2003 / 2000 / 98 / 95 / NT 4, Windows 3.x, MS-DOS 3.3-6.22. Experience with UNIX.
Programming Languages
  C# - 9 years, Asp - 13 years, Asp.Net - 8 years, SQL - 13 years, C++ - 6 years, C - 8 years, Visual Basic / VBA - 8 years,
XML / XSL, ActiveX / OLE Automation, COM, HTML / DHTML / CSS / JavaScript / VBScript / HTA , Oracle Stored Procedures,
Auto Lisp (for AutoCAD), CA-Clipper, Turbo Pascal, Assembler x86 (from time to time).

Focused on continual professional improvement: books, courses, articles, computer forums. Good skills and knowledge of different programming paradigms, theory of programming and principal programming languages. [I came from old MS-DOS world :-) ]. Predilection for object-oriented programming (OOP). Good comprehension of data analysis. I have urge and inclination for learning new technologies.
Programming Environments / Software / Technologies Used
  .NET Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, C#, VB / VB.Net, AJAX (JQuery, Backbone, Mustache, Handlebars), ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit,
Oracle 8i, SQL-Server 2000/2005/2008, SSIS, DTS, MS Access, TOAD, Oracle SQL *Plus, Erwin, Red Gate Sql Tool Belt,
MVC4, XML, Web/WCF Services, WSS (Windows SharePoint Services), ADO/ADO.Net, Log4Net, NLog, Multithreading, SOX Accelerator,
IIS, TCP/IP, FTP, Net.Tcp, MVC++ 6.0 (MFC, ATL, Win32 API), CDONTS, ODBC, DAO, Ethereal, WireShark, Soap UI, Crystal Reports,
Borland C++ 5.0(OWL)/4.5/3.1, MTS, MS IE, Sysinternals Utilities, PDF/FDF, Photoshop, Antenna Xsl Formatter, PcANYWHERE, Norton Utilities,
AutoCAD 10-14/2000, buona conoscenza della suite MS Office (both user and programmer),
Microsoft Visual Studio 6, .NET 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, TFS, SAW.
Professional Experience

  Morningstar Italy
/investment research firm/
Milan, Italy
May 2011-Present
Developer and IT Manager,
Senior Software Delevoper

  Morningstar Integrated Web Tools (ex Licensed Tools). Online components that strengthen investment websites by supporting investment research, portfolio analysis, reports etc.
  • Development of the new module "Bear Market Simulation"
  • Implementing enhanced features of the "Portolio Planner" module
  • Solution customization for Italian clients: Snapshot, X-Ray, Correlation Matrix, Fund Screener etc.
  • Dynamic layout, HTML blocks, bug fixing and code optimization
  • Licensed Tools API, data providers
(C#, AJAX, WCF, XML / XSL, Antenna XSL Formatter, Web User Controls, Threading, ADO.Net, SQL)

Bond Import Tools is a program that allows to get bond data from different external providers.
  • Importing Borsa Italiana /Italian Stock Exchange/ bond files (MOT and TLX markets)
  • Importing Moody's data
(C#, SQL Stored Procedures, FTP, SharpZipLib)

Banca Generali Advisory Platform. Allows advisors to provide a financial wealth overview and portfolio checkup to their clients and generate new proposals with customized risk profiles and holding periods. The platform also has monitoring and reporting functions.
  • Old source code to .NET 3.5 / VS 2010 migration
  • Getting and processing data from Italian Banking Services Consortium (CSE - Consorzio Servizi Bancari)
  • Implementation of disaster recovery procedures
  • Putting into practice new customer requirements
  • Platform’s software maintenance and evolution
(C#, SSL certificates, Web Services, XML / XSL, Cookies, Criptazione, PDF Reports, ADO.Net)

Advisory Platform 2.0. The next version of Banca Generali Advisory platform focused on more user-friendly interface
  • Lighter Web/WCF services
  • Separate solution for mobile users (tablet-oriented)
  • More interactivity with the users due to AJAX calls
  • Good cross-browser compatibility
  • Detailed logs
(C#, WCF / Net.Tcp Binding, AJAX libraries: JQuery, Backbone, Mustache, Handlebars)

Other Activities
  • Verified by Visa - backend wrappers
  • Morningstar internal Web/WCF Services: POI, Athena, Minerva - customization and bug fixing
  • Interaction with clients and providers
  • Close cooperation with different teams of various countries and with the London team (Morningstar European Headquarters)
(Cardinal Centinel Thin Client technology, C#, Web/WCF Services)

  Banca Sara (Banca della Rete)
/provides online banking and trading services, asset management/ Milan, Italy
May 2008 - April 2011

  "Bloomberg Enhanced Client" is a solution to download and store Bloomberg data, consists of:
  • a Windows Service installed on a "Bloomberg Terminal" which handles remote client's requests using the Bloomberg API
  • a Client Application that accesses the Windows Service, queries Bloomberg Data and updates some different Sql-Server databases
(Bloomberg API, C#, Windows Service, .Net Remoting, Threading, ADO.Net)

"XFTitoli: The list of available securities of Banca Sara". ASP.Net AJAX application allows users to handle some issues related to securities
  • Ad-hoc database design
  • The type of security determines the structure of the web form and how the elements are visualised
  • Category / Type / Description / etc. filter and custom paging
  • Synchronization between IBM DB2 and Sql-Server 2005
  • A direct search can be made using the name, ISIN code or common code of a security
  • Automatic / manual managing the settings of a MiFID profile (assessment of suitability and appropriateness)
  • Moody's / S&P / Fitch credit rating assignment
  • Export to Excel
(AJAX TabView, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgess ecc. controls, SQL-Server 2005, IBM OLEDB provider for DB2)

"Anomaly Indicators of AssoReti"(Italy’s National Association of Financial Products and Investment Services Placing Firms)" The solution is developed in order to implement both the law's requirements and internal control procedures of financial advisory activities. It based on an ASP.Net web site with reporting services and an "engine", represented by SQL-Server stored procedures and SSIS.
(ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, C#, SSIS, DTS)

"Online Account Statement". Implementation of a C# class and an Asp.Net cross-browser interface of Banca Sara's web site that allows you to download bank account statement / other documents in PDF format from an external server of Postel.
(C#, ASP.Net, Web Services, Altova XMLSpy)

"My Contacts". Provides an interface between IBM DB2 and SQL-Server 2005 for editing bank clients' personal information
(C#, ASP.Net, XML, IBM DB2 HiT Software Driver)

"Market Abuse". This ASP.Net application detects the operations performed by financial advisors that might constitute insider dealing or market manipulation.
(Sql-Server 2005, IDB DB2, SSIS, ASP.Net, C#, AJAX)

"Fund Management" is a set of integrated applications that give a company a complete system
for verifying operations of mutual fund activities
  • Check clients' placed orders
  • Check executed orders
  • Reconciliation functionality elaboration
  • The monitoring is implemented separately for each "Investment Management Company" (IMCO)
  • "Funds Check" is an ASP.NET AJAX application which displays data errors and has search functionality
  • Web Service "Sara AS/400 Funds" - using IBM AS/400 Client Access object (IBM iSeries Access for Windows) this web service allows to run a program of SIBE (Stock Exchange Interconnection System) / "XF" (eXtended Financial services) which obtains an account balance for a particular date. For convenience, the web service is called from a CLR stored procedure.
(C#, SSIS, CLR SQL Server Stored Procedure, ASP.Net, AJAX, Log4Net, IBM DB2)

"MiFID Profiles Calculation" is a tool used by "Banca Sara" to calculate and manage MiFID profiles of a security (Suitability / appropriateness). In terms of risk profiles, the algorithm discriminates between different types of securities: Derivatives, Stocks, Bonds, Funds, SICAVs, ETFs, Certificates, Rights, Warrants, Covered Warrants, etc. A different calculation method is applied for each security category.
(C#, Bloomberg API, SQL-Server Table-Valued User-Defined Functions, DTS, SSIS, Web Services)

"Managing Portfolio Risk". DB design and writing stored procedures that implement portfolio security list. The data is updated regularly with the information flow from Italian Stock Exchange - BIT (Borsa Italiana) There is also a service of verification and reporting of securities without benchmark.
(SQL-Server, C#, Stored Procedures, Excel Documents in XML format, Linked Server, OpenQuery, IBM DB2)

  Shared Service Center By Pirelli & Telecom Italia - SSC S.c.r.l.
(former PIRELLI Informatica S.p.a.), Turin - Milan, Italy
December 2005-Present

  Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Project within the Telecom Italia
The Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires from the companies quoted on the NY Stock Exchange to include in their annual reports a report of management on the company's internal control over financial reporting

  • Technical coordination of the team of Sox developers.
  • Client's requirements gathering, analysis, optimization and redefinition.

  • "Annual Sox RollOver" transforms and copies sox documents, creates new sox sites from existing ones. The process consists of:
    • Sox Export – saves an entire sox site including different types of SharePoint xml documents to SQL-Server Database
    • Sox Db Syncronizer - analyzes the configuration file and alignes the database structure
    • Sox Fixer – is an engine that launches transformation DLL plugins
    • Sox Plugins - a set of plugins that allow basic database operations like copy, delete, insert, update, populate from Sox ControlSet etc.
    • Sox Import – creates sox site / writes xml documents
    (C#, VB.Net, XML, Windows Sharepoint Services, SQL-Server, Multithreading, Asp.Net)
    • "UserExplorer" - user provisioning tool. Allows the SOX user's properties to be configured by administrators.
      (Active Directory, C#, ASP.Net, Obout Treeview Component, SMTP, ADO.Net, Skmmenu Component)
    • "Sox Document Fixer" - is a standalone tool with utmost quality to add a change in your Sharepoint Xml document.
      (Windows SharePoint Services Object Model, C#, ADO.Net)
    • "Master Data Admin" - is a universal program for interface customization. Provides interface translation services (Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish languages) and view personalization for admin users.
      (C#, ASP.Net, SQL-Server, ADO.Net)
    • Sox Drill Down Search - is a part of Sox Asp.NET interface that provides document search functionality. Search/Result view customization, grid paging, grid columns translation, sorting dynamically created columns, etc.
      (ASP.Net, c#, ASP.NET User Controls, ASP.NET DataGrid Web control, SQL-Server Stored Procedures, ADO.Net)
    • "Multilanguage Announcement" is a custom SharePoint Web Part. By default translates announcements in the first language of Internet Explorer default language preference. Clicking on the desired language icon you can see other translations.
      (SharePoint Products and Technologies 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK), C#, ADO.Net)
    • InfoPath Form Template (XSN) customization - new features such as dynamic dropdown and checkbox list, field hiding, modal dialog boxes, validation.
      (C#, ASP.Net, Web Services, JavaScript)

      Shared Service Center By Pirelli & Telecom Italia - SSC S.c.r.l.
    (former PIRELLI Informatica S.p.a.), Milan, Italy
    March 2001-November 2005

    • “Ticket Restaurant” is an Asp.Net application that allows you to view, insert and modify information regarding Pirelli's staff ticket restaurant management through your website. In-depth study of problem, database design using Oracle, implementation of the system in C#. Ability to interface with SAP for data transfer, data flow analysis and optimization.
      (C#, Asp.Net, Oracle Stored Procedures, VB, ActiveX)
    • "Pirelli's Health Fund". Implementation of the intranet web site that control refunds on medical expenses and sickness allowances, updates employee list, performs some bookkeeping and statistical calculations, prepares different reports etc.
      (Asp development, database design, ActiveX Components, MS-Excel Automation, JavaScript, CDONTS, HTML/DHTML/CSS, Oracle Stored Procedures/Triggers, importing a customer's old data into a new database schema, data validation, periodical maintenance).
    • "Factory's Personnel Department Desk". This application reads the badge as the user passes it through the card reader and tries to identify the person. Some of the features that have been implemented: prefilled forms printing, address/bank account change service, e-mail communication with personnel department, etc. (Visual Basic/C#, Serial port programming, Oracle, ActiveX Word/Excel Automation, PDF)
    • "Employee Register Book" is a system developed for substitution of the paper staff register books of the Pirelli factories with the electronic "books". Includes both web interface issues (Graphical User Interface, User Authorization, Mail Warning Service) as well as the C# client/server application that generates crypted PDF files.
      (Asp/Asp.Net, VB/C#, ADO, Crystal Reports, Oracle Stored Procedures, PDF/FDF)
    • "Illness Phone Notification" is a VB/Oracle/ASP application which elaborates the illness notifications received by the phone, informs the superiors, offers the graphics for health statistics visualization etc. Performed activities: realization of the database design and of the web interface of the system.
      (Asp, Oracle, VB, ActiveX, Microsoft Web Objects)
    • "Stock Options PIRELLI" is a web based application which controls the information data transfer regarding buying or selling Pirelli stock options to both Pirelli internal financial service as well as external (broker). Multilanguage version (English and Italian)
      (Asp, HTML / DHTML / CSS / JavaScript, Oracle Stored Procedures, PDF / FDF, UNIX scripts)
    • "Bank Details Periodical Updates" is a program which downloads and stores web pages from the "Italian bank association (ABI)" site, performs parsing and inserts data into a database. The company saved money through this procedure obtaining the bank branches information for free.(VB, ADO, Oracle)
    • "Work Injury" is a web-based application that provides INAL (Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) form compilation. (Asp.Net, C#, Adobe Photoshop, Oracle, PDF/FDF)
    • "Employee Self Service Simulator" - this program allows assistants to justify personnel absence from work. It uses already existing SAP web interface to allow ultimate simplicity and cost saving. The program makes an automatic form submission from C# code. (C#, SQL Server, ADO.Net, Internet Explorer Document Model)
    • "Special Fund for Pirelli Executives" is a powerful solution of managing and creating web-based communications. Provides you with WYSIWYG mode editing and management of your communication message.
      (Asp/JavaScript HTML Editor, CDONTS, Oracle, VB, ActiveX)
    • "Executive's Absence" - this program allows executives to justify all kinds of absence. (Asp, Oracle, VB, Excel Automation, ActiveX)
    • "Client Requests Registration" is a program which archives helpdesk requests.
      (Asp, VB, MS Access, MS Outlook)
    • "Pirelli Parking Lots". (Asp, Oracle)
    • Development of a group of applications which fulfils the various demands of the Pirelli Administrative Services. Some of them resemble public opinion polls and permit the users to select different options, have web site access statistics, perform authorization control functions, send e-mails etc. (examples: "Travel from Home to Workplace", "My Parking Place", "Holiday Incentive Pay", "Bank Details", "Let's adopt a school in Indonesia" etc.)
      (Asp/Asp.Net, ADO/ADO.Net, Oracle, JavaScript/HTML/DHTML/CSS)
    • "Statistics of absence from work" is an object-oriented application written in Visual C++. (Visual C++/MS-Excel/Oracle)
    • My OTHER activities in Pirelli:
      - Human resource applications maintenance / renewal
      - Analysis of already existing applications/algorithms/problems
      - Distributed User/LSA workplace support
      - Administration of User Permissions, Configuration and File System
      - Old code support (Perl, Visual basic 16-bit, UNIX Shell Scripts)
      - Database inspection (Oracle/SQL Server), import/export/check/data conversion
      - Human resource application development

      AGB Media Services/AGB Ukraine
    (Television Audience Measurement Company), Kiev, Ukraine
    January 2001 – February 2001

    • High speed software development: statistical calculations, fast converters, optimization of algorithms. (C++/MFC/ATL/ActiveX)

      Il lupo e l'agnello Editori
    (Publishing House), Milan, Italy
    September 2000 – December 2000

    • Planning and development of 4 intranet sites which use both Active Server Pages (ASP) and SQL-Server databases.The Asp pages include the characteristics of adding, modifying, and deleting data. Some pages have an internal orthographic speller. The sites have simple and intuitive interface, so creating of a search query is also very easy. Available for PC and Macintosh users
    • Implementation of a group of C++ ActiveX controls (DLLs) including the "Italian Speller Control", which can be visualized from asp pages and invokes MS Word speller. The local intranet pages quality and the editors' efficiency have improved noticeably thanks to the speller.
    • Development of an internet site for creating a picture archive. (Asp, JSP, VBScript, JavaScript). The users can define image characteristics, add descriptions and picture status. They also have the possibility to resize JPG, PNG, BMP and PCX images. I implemented some efficient and customizable search engines for pictures and images. It is a perfect tool for managing your pictures.
    • "Data Import/Export" (C++, MFC,MS SQL-Server 7, MS Access).
    • Implementation of various programs for image management and browsing, statistics, printing data, database searching.(C++, VB, Excel, Access, SQL Server)

      Kirovograd affiliation of the Land Use Planning Institute
    (Land surveying and valuation, spatial data collection/processing), Kirovograd, Ukraine
    September 1996 – August 2000
    Software Analyst/Programmer

    • "AutoCAD Draw 2000" - permits to draw a geographical map directly in AutoCAD 14.
      (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, MFC, ATL, ActiveX Automation)
    • "Visual Map Editor" is a tool for editing pictures and coordinates which gives fast, efficient and easy way to create geographical maps.
      (Borland C++ 5.0/4.5, OWL, OOP, Standard Template Library)
    • Created a system to produce and fill-in automatically the landowner forms from the database information, to print and manage the forms. The user-interface is simple, intuitive, and it adapts itself depending on the context. Approximately 30 to 40 percent of landowner forms are produced using this software in Kirovograd Region of Ukraine.
      (C++, SQL, Word Basic, OLE Automation).
    • Lisp programs for AutoCAD 10-14.
    • Software development for accounts department and stuff: payroll accounting, income and expense calculation, mission cost, labor cost, statistics etc.
    • GIS Software development participation.(VC++)

      Kirovograd State Technical University, Kirovograd, Ukraine
    Department of Computer Science and Software Design,
    • B.Sc. in Computer Science, June 1998
    • Graduation with award of distinction, GPA 5.0/5.0
    September 1993 - June 1998

      Kirovograd Cybernetic and Technical College, Kirovograd, Ukraine
    Concentration in Mathematics and Programming,
    • High School (College) Diploma, May 1993
    • Gold medal graduation with award of distinction, GPA 5.0/5.0
    September 1991 - May 1993

      Kirovograd Painting School, Kirovograd, Ukraine
    Artist and Designer,
    • Graduated with honors, May 1991
    September 1988 - May 1991

    Training Courses / Certification
      Different online training courses of ABI (Italian Banking Association):
    "Market Abuse", "Anti-money laundering and international terrorism",
    "Administrative responsibility of banks" etc.
    2008 - 2010
      English Language Course (Advanced Level) Ed.2, European Academic Consortium
    (Native English professor, British Institute)
    2009 - 2010
      Implementing Security for Applications.
    MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) 2840.
    March 2009
      Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services.
    MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) 2792.
    February 2009
      Participation in different courses and training programs in Pirelli / SSC S.c.r.l. 2002 - 2007
      Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language (CILS), FOUR-C2 level (livello QUATTRO-C2)
    (appropriate level for translators who translate from Italian into their native language)
    University for Strangers, Siena, Italy
    June 2004
      Italian for Foreigners Course
    (professional language competence of Italian as a foreign language),
    Municipal School of Foreign Languages, Milan, Italy
    final exam score 98/100 (test taken - June 2004)
    September 2003 - June 2005
      Seminar “Introduction to .NET for Developers ”, Microsoft September 2002
      Personal Italian Course
    Master Education Group S.r.l. / LinguaViva, Milan, Italy
      “Building WEB Applications Using Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0”
    Mondadori Informatica Education
    May 2001
      Course of American English, Public Relations and Marketing
    provided by American Peace Corp. volunteers
    1997 - 1998
      "MASTER Certified C Programmer", Online Public Transcript ID No.21069
    Brain Bench (former Tekmetrics) E-Certification
    May 20, 1999
      "Certified C++ Programmer", Online Public Transcript ID No.21069
    Brain Bench (former Tekmetrics) E-Certification
    May 21, 1999
      "Written English", Online Public Transcript ID No.21069
    Brain Bench (former Tekmetrics) E-Certification
    June 25, 1999
      "Intermediate English",
    Ukrainian Branch of the European School of Education by Correspondence (ESCC)
    took a complete correspondence course and received a certificate, Student Number A57110742
    1997 - 1999
      Ukrainian: native
      Russian: native
      English: fluent
      Italian: fluent, CILS, QUATTRO-C2 level, Final Score 81/100
    Travel and Relocation
      Ready to relocate and travel as required if the money's right. European driver's license (B).